Libraries & Bindings

Official Resources

ReScript toolchain
ReScript's new standard library. Intended to be familiar for JavaScript developers, easy to use, and be rich enough (without being bloated) so that you don't need to reach for anything else for typical ReScript development.
React bindings for ReScript
LSP server for ReScript
ReScript Tools
The motiviation of this repo is that when ReScript users want to share their library with JS users, the JS users don't need have ReScript toolchain installed, this makes sharing code with JS users easier (more details on that topic can be found in our [Ex
The most minimalistic testing library you will find for testing ReScript code
Better interop with JS & TS in ReScript

Community Resources

Node bindings for ReScript
Kind of an IndexedDB ORM written in ReScript with no runtime dependencies.
Simple JSON deserializer for ReScript
Useful general-purpose utility functions and modules for ReScript projects.
Lazy sequences for ReScript.
ReScript bindings for Jest
lightning-fast testing for a lightning-fast compiler
Use Bun with ReScript.
provides api for result<'a, exn> type
ReScript bindings to date-fns
Transforms ReScript React.createElement calls back to JSX syntax
ReScript binding to @tabler/icons-react
Kxclib packaged to be used with ReScript
rescript api for node-html-parser package
This package helps you convert between Rescript values and JSON values.
> A lightweight test framework for ReScript
Rescript bindings for Jotai (react state management).
ReScript bindings for solid-js.
Combinator library for JSON decoding and encoding.
The only official ReScript starter template.
Mock Js.Date when run unit test cases with Jest. Make tests of Js.Date easier.
Remove empty or nullable values from JavaScript objects
Fast-check bindings for ReScript
Form validation tool for @rescript/react
Rescript bindings to the easy-to-use [Dexie]( wrapper of IndexedDB.
Cron for NodeJS. Execute something at a schedule.
Logging implementation for ReScript
This library provides ReScript bindings for material-ui (MUI).
ReScript bindings to the DOM and other Web APIs
This library provides ReScript bindings for material-ui-lab.
Light and type-safe binding to JS promises
Rescript React static site generator
**⚠️ Note :** This is a fork based on the [excellent work]( of [paulshen](
Small and flexible React hooks for building custom and accessible listbox components.
Unofficial ReScript binding to @heroicons/react
The fastest composable parser/serializer for ReScript (and TypeScript)
Fast, small color manipulation and conversion
A portable standard library enhancement for Rescript and OCaml.
> useReducer with updates and side effects!
Helpers for improved ergonomics when working with 2-tuples.
ReScript bindings for React Native.
Published in NPM as `@MikeSkoe/rex`
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Typesafe JSON Schema for ReScript
ReScript PPX validates the tailwindcss class names
a rescript utils library
Rescript bindings for Jotai (react state management).
Run a REPL to execute ReScript code in interactive mode
ReScript toolchain
ReScript bindings for react-native-reanimated v2
🔒 Makes sure you don't accidentally deploy apps with missing or invalid environment variables
Zero-cost bindings to Facebook's Recoil library
> An alternative upgrade path for ReasonReact
Secure Hash Algorithms for ReScript
ReScript bindings for @testing-library/react
ReScript bindings to react-on-rails
A `Lazy Sequence` implimation. Highly abstracted stream like `RxJs` but without `time`.
The fastest composable parser/serializer for ReScript (and TypeScript)
Rescript bindings for uWebsockets.js
A library for constraining types with an interface is similar to Belt.Id.
Rescript bindings for [uuid](
Smart contract addresses and other config for Float Capital
rescript module for sendig ajax via axious
Phone number formatter for Swedish phone numbers
JSON encoding and decoding for ReScript
ReScript PPX to generate rescript-schema from type
jest-dom bindings for Rescript
Parse dates and numbers using the Intl API in ReScript
ReScript bindings for tanstack-react-table
This is project is based on the great old [reroute]( module. It's just using the latest Reason React API (hooks & context).
Rescript bindings for Rxjs
ReScript bindings for react-hook-form
ReScript bindings for React Linkify
ReScript bindings to @egjs/hammerjs
ReScript bindings for Nock
ReasonML / BuckleScript bindings for the Apollo Client ecosystem
ReScript bindings for rescript-use-debounce
React Native template for application developed with ReScript.
A physics-based animation library for React inspired by the natural world.
Code coverage for OCaml and Reason
Runtime free ReScript bindings for Ava
ReSon is a ReScript library that provides a convenient way to parse JSON data in a type-safe manner. Inspired by the classify approach described in the ReScript documentation and libraries like aeson, ReSon aims to simplify the process of parsing and vali
Tool to support usage of a vendored standard library in ReScript
Rescript bindings for PeerJS
ReScript bindings to use-sync-external-store
ReScript module to convert the number to Korean
Use Relay with ReScript.
> Bindings to the JS standard library
Rescript wrapper for React Router DOM
ReScript port of Polished library for color manipulation
Simple GeoJSON decoder library for ReScript based on @glennsl/rescript-json-combinators.
A standard library for ReScript with a focus on Functional Programming
Binaries for the rescript-react-intl message extractor
This library provides Rescript Bindings for sentry-react
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ReScript bindings for mocha
Please use the original:
A ReScript framework for building server-driven web sites and applications. Use familiar tech like JSX and the component model from React, combined with simple server driven client side technologies like HTMX. Built on Bun and Vite.
**Warning: I haven't written tests for this package yet. Use at your own risk, and feel free to open issues.**
Use EdgeDB in ReScript.
```sh npm install @vlk/rescript-future ```
Quickly create new ReScript apps from project templates.
Redux inspired state management library for rescript-react
Immutable, fully persistent, and balanced binary search tree data structure implementation in pure js.
**This is vendored stdlib for personal usage**
ReScript bindings to Day.js library.
ReScript bindings for the docx.js lib
highlight.js syntax definition for ReScript programming language
Rescript configuration library for nodejs
⚡ A set of useful components to help you build and maintain React Native (Web too) layouts with ease.
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ReScript binding to Daum Postcode
dayjs type binding for rescript
ReScript compiler, OCaml standard libary by ReScript and its required runtime support
Babel preset to transform ReScript code to solidJs.
Some extension methods to ReScript's Js.Array2 module
ReScript bindings for antd
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DynamoDB utils lib write in Rescript and Typescript
ReScript PPX which generates the bindings for react-hook-form
Library of computations defined by French legislative texts, extract from Catala programs (
Rescript binding for email-validator
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Yet form librairie for reason and react
ReScript bidnings to tinybench
Zero-cost rescript bindings to the WHATWG Fetch API
Code coverage for OCaml and Reason
ReScript PPX which generate JSON (de)serializer
RePolished bindings for bs-css
Rescript bindings to the Jest testing framework
ReScript bindings for react-dsfr
ReScript bindings for react-navigation.
Rescript bindings for Hono
Rescript bindings for React Leaflet
> ✨ Bootstrapped with Create Snowpack App (CSA).
ReScript bindings for the Apollo Client ecosystem
![ReScript Colisweb toolkit](/media/image.jpg)
> ✨ Bootstrapped with Create Snowpack App (CSA).
A ReScript web router for RescriptRelay.
ReScript wrapper for the Catala runtime
Type-safe css modules for ReScript
ReScript bindings for Contentful
Rescript Bindings for Vitest
This is an implementation of Red-Black Trees for ReScript. This implementation is a rewriting of [OCaml implementation](
ReScript bindings for @testing-library/dom
Reasonably making forms with ReScript and React sound good
A tiny state manager writter in Rescript
Simple validation schema for Rescript.
Rescript bindings to the Jest testing framework
Debounce for ReScript
A module for explicability from the trace of a catala program
koa.js bindings for rescript.
ReScript bindings for polished.
Core library of doc-e-mate in ReScript
ReScript bindings for Big.js library
simple pdf viewer
rescript. Re-schema-form is a meta based render.
ReScript toolchain
Generete ReactIntl.messages
ReScript PPX helps binding to typescript modules
Rescript binding for sjcl
ReScript language support (official)
Easy to use automatic diagram layout component in react
Debounce hooks for @rescript/react
Use create-react-app ( CRA ) with babel and typescript
⚡️ ReScript bindings for @chakra-ui/react
Rescript wrapper over graphqljs library
ReScript bindings for @testing-library
Rescript bindings for Cypress
Set of Rescript helpers
Suspenders ==========
ReScript bindings for react-native-safe-area-context.
A Rescript package for functional data structure.
ReScript bindings for react-native-svg.
A general purpose PPX and library for embedding other languages into ReScript, via code generation.
ReScript bindings to react-intl
React component for a grid layout within fixed width / height. Usefull for dashboards or full screen web applications.
A ReScript implementation of the blossom maximum-matching algorithm
This library provides ReScript bindings for material-ui.
ReScript toolchain
2020 proposal for new ReScript promise bindings
Bindings and helpers for [Remix](
Throttle for ReScript
ReScript bindings for @react-native-community/cameraroll.
This library provides ReScript bindings for material-ui-lab.
ReScript bindings for @react-native-community/netinfo.
ReScript bindings for react-native-device-info.
Reactive State Manager
Rescript wrapper for graphql-relay library
Drag-n-drop for @rescript/react
Reimplementation of classnames in ReScript
Throttle hooks for @rescript/react
The only official ReScript starter template.
BBCode parser written in ReScript (OCaml) with TypeScript typings.
ReScript bindings for @react-native-async-storage/async-storage.
📆 Date manipulation in ReScript.
ReScript bindings for @react-native-community/viewpager.
ReScript bindings for react-navigation.
ReScript bindings for react-native-image-picker.
Quickly add reasonml and rescript gitignore values to your project
Migrate files between .re .rei .res .resi .ml .mli extensions for ocaml, reasonml, bucklescript and rescript syntaxes
ReScript bindings for react-native-webview.