Libraries & Bindings

Official Resources

React bindings for ReScript
ReScript toolchain
The most minimalistic testing library you will find for testing ReScript code
Better interop with JS & TS in ReScript

Community Resources

Remove empty or nullable values from JavaScript objects
Node bindings for ReScript
This package helps you convert between Rescript values and JSON values.
lightning-fast testing for a lightning-fast compiler
Zero-cost bindings to Facebook's Recoil library
Parse dates and numbers using the Intl API in ReScript
ReasonML / BuckleScript bindings for the Apollo Client ecosystem
> ✨ Bootstrapped with Create Snowpack App (CSA).
ReScript bindings for @testing-library/react
Fast-check bindings for ReScript
> ✨ Bootstrapped with Create Snowpack App (CSA).
ReScript bindings for @testing-library/dom
ReScript bindings for polished.
ReScript bindings for Big.js library
Small and flexible React hooks for building custom and accessible listbox components.
> A lightweight test framework for ReScript
Please use the original:
![Run Test 🔬 ]( [![npm](]( [![](
JSON encoding and decoding for ReScript
cookie bindings for [Rescript](
React Native template for application developed with ReScript.
Phone number formatter for Swedish phone numbers
**Warning: I haven't written tests for this package yet. Use at your own risk, and feel free to open issues.**
Secure Hash Algorithms for ReScript
Rescript bindings to the easy-to-use [Dexie]( wrapper of IndexedDB.
ReScript module to convert the number to Korean
An extension for rescript-zora that provides a DOM context for tests (via jsdom).
Rescript bindings for Jotai (react state management).
A tiny state manager writter in Rescript
ReScript bindings to Day.js library.
Simple validation schema for Rescript.
<p align="center"> <img src="" /> <br /> <br /> <a target="_blank" href=""> Docs </a> // <a target="_blank" href="https://ancesto
⚡ Build React Native layouts quickly with ease and fun.
`url` bindings for [Rescript](
ReScript PPX validates the tailwindcss class names
ReScript PPX which generate JSON (de)serializer
Immutable, fully persistent, and balanced binary search tree data structure implementation in pure js.
Fast, small color manipulation and conversion
Yet form librairie for reason and react
Some extension methods to ReScript's Js.Array2 module
Zero-cost ReScript bindings to use-subscription
Suspenders ==========
Mock Js.Date when run unit test cases with Jest. Make tests of Js.Date easier.
Logging implementation for ReScript
Code coverage for OCaml and Reason
BBCode parser written in ReScript (OCaml) with TypeScript typings.
ReScript compiler, OCaml standard libary by ReScript and its required runtime support
ReScript bindings for react-navigation.
Redux inspired state management library for rescript-react
⚡️ ReScript bindings for @chakra-ui/react
This library provides ReScript bindings for material-ui.
Form validation tool for @rescript/react
📆 Date manipulation in ReScript.
2020 proposal for new ReScript promise bindings
Drag-n-drop for @rescript/react
ReScript bindings for React Native.
This library provides ReScript bindings for material-ui-lab.
Debounce for ReScript
React component for a grid layout within fixed width / height. Usefull for dashboards or full screen web applications.
This is a ppx for using the withStyles component in ReScript Material-UI
ReScript bindings for react-navigation.
ReScript bindings for react-native-image-picker.
ReScript React hooks testing library.
ReScript bindings for react-native-svg.
> useReducer with updates and side effects!
Reason / ReScript bindings to DOM
A ReScript implementation of the blossom maximum-matching algorithm
ReScript bindings to the JavaScript iterator protocol
ReScript bindings to react-intl
The Kingdom template for Create React App and ReScript
ReScript bindings for react-native-safe-area-context.
ReScript bindings for @react-native-community/datetimepicker.
ReScript bindings for react-native-webview.
Throttle for ReScript
A physics-based animation library for React inspired by the natural world.
Migrate files between .re .rei .res .resi .ml .mli extensions for ocaml, reasonml, bucklescript and rescript syntaxes
ReScript bindings for @react-native-picker/picker.
Debounce for @rescript/react
ReScript bindings for react-native-paper.
[![npm](]( [![All Contributors](](#contributors) [![Build Status](
ReScript bindings for react-native-keychain.
ReScript bindings for @react-native-community/image-editor.
A rescript binding for dayjs
ReScript bindings for @react-native-community/viewpager.
ReScript bindings for @react-native-community/clipboard.
ReScript bindings for @react-native-async-storage/async-storage.
ReScript bindings for react-native-safe-area-view.
ReScript bindings for @react-native-community/geolocation.
ReScript bindings for react-native-linear-gradient.
ReScript bindings for @react-native-community/cameraroll.
ReScript bindings for @react-native-community/push-notification-ios.
ReScript bindings for react-native-device-info.
ReScript bindings for react-native-permissions.
ReScript bindings for @react-native-community/slider.
ReScript bindings for react-native-inappbrowser
ReScript bindings for @react-native-community/netinfo.
Rescript bindings to the Jest testing framework
A declarative template language for web documents & beyond.
ReScript bindings for Ink
A ReScript module providing a lazy, typesafe API for writing asynchronous code.
ReScript bindings to the native JavaScript Map data type
ReScript binding for Patternfly
ReScript + .React + Vite template for Create React App
ReScript + .React + Snowpack template for Create React App
Rescript bindings for Firebase
ReScript + React + Parcel template for Create React App
Rescript bindings for the react-flatpickr npm package
Throttle hooks for @rescript/react
ReScript bindings to date-fns
Rescript bindings for Cypress
Rescript bindings for Expo
Create ReScript apps with no build configuration.
This is for generating the rescript project template/starter code.
A simple, powerful state manager for Rescript React
Reasonably making forms with ReScript and React sound good
[ReScript]( binding for [ink-text-input](
ReScript binding for ink-big-text
> An alternative upgrade path for ReasonReact
ReScript binding for ink-link
ReScript bindings for Next.js
Transform SVG files into React components, Native and/or Web, JavaScript and ReScript. Without shitload of dependencies.
Quickly create an opinionated bsconfig.json
Install lastest version of dev esy.json for melange-re/melange with npx
BuckleScript bindings for MardownIt.js
ANSI code to HTML
[dinero.js]( bindings for ReScript
A super simple JSON decoder for Rescript
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A collection of sources and operators for [Wonka](
[![npm](]( [![All Contributors](](#contributors) [![Build Status](
Gatsby plugin to use bs-css-emotion with ReScript or Reason to extract critical css.
Rescript bindings for [uuid](
React.useReducer hook on steroids with the possibility of side-effects controlling
BuckleScript bindings for Mustache.js
![ReScript Colisweb toolkit](/media/image.jpg)
A collection of low-level DOM tools for building high performance web interfaces using Rescript, inspired by Freak613/stage0
ReScript bindings to the Benchmark.js library
ReScript bindings for @react-native-community/checkbox.
ReScript bindings for rn-fetch-blob.
ReScript bindings for React Native.
## Usage
ReScript bindings for Chokidar.js
This library provides Reason bindings for material-ui.
ReScript React component to embed tweets.
A collection of React hooks for [Wonka]( and [WonkaExtras](
a ReScript binding for the JavaScript Notifications API.
Color constrast helpers to achieve the WCAG 2.0 standard
Reasonably making forms with ReScript and React sound good
BuckleScript bindings for Prettier.js
This is a typings of PhoenixJS lib for Rescript Language
Simple logger library for ReScript apps
Gerrit plugin to display zuul results
Expo template to build mobile application with ReScript.
ReScript bindings for Execa.js
BuckleScript bindings for node-sass
A simple CLI utility to generate the required files to get you up and running with [ReScript](
(experimental 🚧) Zero-cost binding for react-fetch
Elm task but for ReScript
ReScript bindings for Recharts
zero-cost bind for Web API AbortController
ReScript bindings for body-scroll-lock
This package closely wraps the [Push API]( It does not include the Push API Service Worker Additions. Instead, it is a dependency of the `rescript-service-worker` package. It has not been exhaust
ReScript bindings for the Apollo Client ecosystem
A tiny Snowpack plugin to fix usage of `require`
> (nearly) zero-cost bindings to express
ReScript binding to Daum Postcode
Load third-party scripts into your react app using hooks.
composable JSON parsing for ReScript
Rescript bindings for ReactBootstrap
bindings from ReScript to JavaScript service workers.
Reimplementation of ms in ReScript
Use create-react-app ( CRA ) with babel and typescript
A simple json database (document oriented) reason database
rescript. Re-schema-form is a meta based render.
An either-or-both data type implementation in ReScript
The base template for Create React App with rescript.
``` yarn add react-icons @octod/rescript-react-icons ```
Binaries for the rescript-react-intl message extractor
Bindings and helpers for [Remix](
SWR bindings for ReScript
Logging implementation for ReScript
ReScript binding to Heroicons
This library provides Reason bindings for material-ui-lab.
Reason/OCaml PPX generating ReactIntl `id` from `defaultMessage`
Generete ReactIntl.messages
> Belt's missing piece, Persistent Vector for ReScript.
Doc-e-mate in ReScript
Rust-like programming language targetting WebAssembly
ReScript bindings for Contentful
Use Relay with ReScript.
Quickly add reasonml and rescript attributes to your project
Persistent Vector implemenetation in ReScript
ReScript port of Polished library for color manipulation
ReScript bindings for Boost