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Publishing ReScript Libraries / Bindings

Via npm

Whenever you publish a ReScript package to npm, please follow the following guidelines:


  • Make sure to give a descriptive package name. We usually use rescript-[name-of-js-lib] for packages that bind to a specific JS library on npm.

  • Use names that are self explanatory (no weird marketing terms / fantasy words if possible).


  • Add a proper description field in your package.json file

  • Add rescript as a keyword in your package.json file

Our package index will pick up the newest npm packages two times a day, so it might take some time until your newly published package shows up.

Via rescript-lang.org

We also maintain a hand-curated index of different resources that are not necessarily released on npm, such as plain URLs to independent files / repositories, or GitHub gists.

You can submit your own resource by editing rescript-lang.org's resource json file file and submit a PR.