BuckleScript & Reason are now called ReScript

Why the Rebrand?

We strongly believe that the ReScript compiler and syntax will provide the best experience to write JS and React applications. Unifying the tools in one coherent platform and core team allows us to build features that wouldn't be possible in the original BuckleScript + Reason setup.

This has no impact on the development of Reason. On the contrary, Reason can now focus on their goals, as much as we can focus on ours.

What Will Change with ReScript?

Technically, not much. One of our main goals is to keep backwards compatibility for existing BuckleScript codebases and will provide an automated upgrade path from .re (Reason) to .res (ReScript) files.

The BuckleScript compiler toolchain and its new .res syntax will be unified into one platform called ReScript. Upgrading from the bs-platform to the soon-to-be-published ReScript npm package will just be a matter of updating your package.json file. Syntax wise, we believe that previous Reason users will feel right at home.

ReScript will continue shipping the old Reason v3.6 syntax as well and it will be possible to mix .re and .res files in one codebase (same with libraries).

More details about future compatibility with Reason can be found in one of our future commitment blog post.