Jun 25, 2021

Roadmap 2021 & New Landing Page

Announcing our roadmap for 2021 / 2022, release cycle plans and new landing page.

ReScript Team
Core Development

Team Update

It has almost been a year since we originally launched our new ReScript brand, and we think it has been a pretty successful journey so far:

  • Brand new documentation experience

  • Relaunch of rescript-react and its new docs

  • Release of our re-imagined VSCode & Vim plugins

  • New syntax, compiler and build system improvements, including incremental build performance at scale

  • Improved interop with polymorphic variants for numbers and strings

  • Accessible object system (no need for Js.t)

  • The release of our new rescript npm package and cli to replace bs-platform

  • Making every part of ReScript fully community owned

  • etc.

Stay tuned, this is just the beginning!

New Roadmap and Release Cycle Plans

We had some thorough discussions about the future of the project and outlined the most important milestones for the next upcoming releases.

Here's the gist:

  • Two release channels: stable and experimental

  • More predictable release dates and better migration steps

  • Better communication and discussion for breaking changes

  • Help the community / companies align on major stable versions

The detailed roadmap with all our planned changes (and definition of our release cycle plan) can be found in our community / roadmap section.

New Landing Page

After several iterations, we are happy to announce our new landing page.

Figma design draft for the new landing page

This is an incredible milestone for the documentation, and will act as a foundation for some cool new future improvements, such as:

  • Highlighted Case Studies from production users such as Beop or Rohea

  • An interactive playground widget for the headline code examples

  • New starter templates and guides

Furthermore, in case you are a production user of ReScript and you want to see your company logo highlighted on the landing page, please open an issue and let us know!

Happy hacking.

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