Nov 26, 2020

Editor Plugin for VSCode and Vim Officially Released!

Type hints, jump to definition, error diagnostics, and more.

ReScript Team
Core Development

Editor Integration Has Finally Landed

Thank you so much for the wait!

Here are all the features:

  • Highlighting

  • Formatting

  • Diagnostics

  • Jump to definition

  • Autocompletion with markdown preview

  • Type hint on hover

We've doubled down on the depth of features instead of breath; hopefully these few crucial ones can stay fast and robust in your big production codebases!

For VSCode, install rescript-vscode in your editor. For vim, install our vim-rescript extension and configure it with your preferred setup (plain vim or with coc-vim).

The plugins require bs-platform@8.3.3, though also works with slightly older versions.

We'll keep on iterating on the polish of the plugins, and release better Sublime Text support soon.

Happy thanksgiving!

ReScript now offers autocompletion for VSCode and neovim (Sublime coming soon)
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